COM Port/Cable Test

Performs a loop-back test on the specified COM port to validate wireless and wired COM Port assignments and troubleshoot COM Port/Cable problems.

  1. Select [Operate], [COM Port/Cable Test] from the top menu bar
  2. Select the COM Port to test
  3. Disconnect the cable from the selected machine (if necessary) and insert a jumper across pins 2(TX) and 3(RX)
  4. Press [TEST PORT]
Machine Link - Machine controllers setup overview.

Interpreting the Test Results


  • Validates the wire and that all connections are unbroken
  • Validates that the correct COM Port was selected and that it is working properly
  • Validates that the selected COM Port is compatible with the specified communication parameters


  • A wire is loose and/or a connection is broken
  • The incorrect COM Port was selected or is not working properly
  • The selected COM Port is not compatible with the specified communication parameters