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Works with many types of sensors, industrial equipment, data acquisition hardware, and numerous parts that have different communication protocols (CAN, ECU, UDS, Modbus, Serial, Profinet, TCPIP, FTP, and others).


We have tremendous experience with all types of NI data acquisition hardware and technologies including PXI, cDAQ, cRIO, FieldPoint, and third-party hardware compatible with NI.

Almost everything we do runs time-critical production processes and test systems, so downtime is unacceptable.

NI DAQ - rugged modular data acquisition systems that provide sensor and electrical measurements

Sensor Integration

We design and build force measurement plates and instrumented tool holders to collect cutting forces to monitor process quality and health.

These measurements allow us to implement effective real-time, part-quality-protection schemes. We also implement and measure horsepower, vibration, acoustic emission, encoders, temperature, and other measurements correlated to process quality.

Horse Power sensor integration into a CNC machine cabinet.
Force sensors ready for integration into a CNC dynamometer
Machined plate custom designed by Controlink Systems LLC

CNC/DNC Hardware

MOXA Wireless hardware links RS232 and Ethernet systems together quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

Trust us, running RS232 and ethernet wires above, over, and through the shop takes A LOT of time, but with MOXA's wireless hardware your entire shop floor can be connected in a fraction of the time. Plus, the connection is secure, long range, and fast!

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MOXA Server connects the PC and CNC Machines together - wirelessly!
MOXA NPort transfers data to the CNC Machine
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