Controlink Systems LLC
A products-based engineering service company with a focus on machining, shop-floor automation, vibration analysis, and product testing.

We have been developing software solutions and products for high-speed process monitoring, control, end-of-line (EOL) testing, CNC/DNC communications, and shop-floor automation since 1998.

We specialize in linking systems together ‐ building Controlinks ‐ and routinely interface with SQL Databases, PLC hardware, motion controllers (single & multi-axis) and all types of industrial equipment covering a range of communication protocols (CAN, UDS, Modbus, Serial, Profinet, EtherCAT, etc.).

We strive to develop understandable, user-friendly HMI interfaces that reduce training costs and improve productivity. Many of the solutions we provide run continuously in various shop environments supporting critical manufacturing and test systems.

Here at Controlink Systems LLC, we love what we do, and we have a passion for solving your problems! Contact us today ‐ we are here and happy to help.

iMonitor software developed by Controlink Systems LLC being used to perform a Modal Analysis on a CNC Machine

Process Monitoring, Control, and Automated Analysis

DNC software automation is an important tool for improved efficiency and to minimize potential data-entry errors. We integrated our ML Send Utility into an existing corporate database, enabling CNC file transfers to be automated with a simple click of a button from within the data base interface. Once completed, the operator never had to type in any information to transfer CNC program files - a process that before was filled with potential errors. The ML Send Utility is called directly from the database and the name of the CNC file and control is passed to it on the command line. It springs to life on the local PC and transfers the file to the control. The Timken Company (Canton, OH) labeled this technology "Innovative Software enables machines to store and share information;" in an article they published in the Timken Exchange, Volume 11, Number 7, in August of 2000. The CNC communication module, which we call our ML Send Utility, can be integrated into any existing database to achieve this same level of automation.

Industrial and Production Control

A Stamping Process Monitor was developed to monitor critical, 20-ton stamping presses (progressive dies) used to manufacture automotive body panels. The software can monitor six individual lines from a single PC and track the cycle time for every die hit. Line productivity and downtime "reason codes" were collected to accurately quantify overall line performance and to determine actual product cycle time averages. The system was also useful for establishing accurate measures for job setup times and other factors that influence line productivity. As you can imagine, when these lines are down, money is being lost. The systems were used to help improve overall line productivity.

Non-Contact and Contact Gauging Systems

3M Project for Chip Defect Detection combined high-speed motion control with vision systems to automate the procedure for separating good product and for counting and categorizing product defects. Sheets of film about 3x1 feet were marked for quality and then cut into small, rectangular chips about 1/4x1/2 inches. The vision system examined the large cut sheet and selectively move unmarked/undamaged chips to a secondary inspection station. The chip was then re-inspected at higher magnification and if the quality was acceptable, moved to bins and counted. A unique feature of the vision system was its ability to track defects based on color makings. The color markings were made using different colored pens by quality inspection personnel prior to the sheets being cut. This system automated the painful task of manually separating chips and trying to determine, based on color, defect types and counts. We were responsible for the entire user interface and all of the motion and process control capabilities of the system. We also engineered a unique hand-shaking protocol between the primary motion and vision system, enabling them to share results and function as a cohesive unit. An entire sheet could be inspected in less than 30 minutes.

Manufacturing Scheduling

FlowLink automated an entire repair center, prioritized all of the incoming orders based on the required delivery date, shipment method, and the availability and capability of repair technicians. It would release the next highest priority order into the lab to the available technician that had the capabilities for that particular repair, and it also controlled all of the Kanban levels for the top twenty percent products. It functioned like a supervisor hanging over the shop floor, and it would look down and it could see every tech, their availability, if they were here or not, if they were active or not, what they were working on, how long they had been working on it, and if they were over an average repair time. The supervisor, with that information, could watch repairs and would know if additional help was needed to complete on time. Plus, it used a large display board, somewhat like a scoreboard, and would display the number of orders that still needed to be processed that day, so everybody knew the current status throughout the day.

Programmable Program

The DoseCAL software was a real achievement. It managed radioactive isotopes, automated the control of pumps, multi-valve positions, and radioactive measurement devices (ATOM Analyzer). The software was designed for the hospital to create shots that would be injected into patients for cancer diagnosis. The user interface managed all of the isotopes and it handled all of the half-life calculations to ensure that the prescribed amount of radioactivity was delivered at injection time. We created a scripting language to allow the doctor to create unique scripts to control process flow and to establish user-defined variables for calculations and decision making. It also interacted, based upon the script, with a variety of different instruments and managed valve positions (moving to a desired port clockwise or counter clockwise) for creating the shot. The scripting language gave the doctor tremendous flexibility and also made it possible for us to complete the project under budget (the number of potential shot development variations was tremendous). The orders were retrieved from the hospital database and once filled, the information was written back to the database with the RX number and other pertinent patient details. Our work inspired several other companies to further automate and commercialize the technology.

I would like to thank you for all the help on getting the Machine Link™ to work on our CNC's. I have been in business for 37 years and thought dedication and loyalty was lost. You have proven me wrong. I have bought software for $7,000 and did not get the dedication I received from you. What was even more amazing, it was the machine parameters that were the problem and not the software, and knowing this, you constantly tried to get information from the manufacturer of the control and helped me until I got it to work. Again, I would like to thank you for the Machine Link™ program, which works great and at a great price.

— Richard DiFederico Sr.
Hale Screw Machine Inc., Oakville, CT

Thanks for all your support over the years (although when something just works, like QUICK Serve does, it hasn’t needed any support)

— Steve Araujo
Ametek, Inc.

We are a small machine shop with 30+ CNC machine tools that have 10 different control types. It had become quite an ordeal with 40 machine operators, some with little or no computer skills, just getting the right program to the right machine. Machine Link™ was just what we needed - a communication program that was affordable, yet user friendly, and robust enough to communicate with all the different machine tool types.

— Scott Cooper
Snavely's Machine, Wabash, IN

Machine Link™ is easy to use, was easy to setup, and worked the first time with no problems and I don't even know how to operate Windows. It is far superior to any other communication software I have ever tried. I love it!

— Ken Havard
Kajohn Oil Tools, Houston, TX

We use Machine Link™ everyday to send and receive files from our Mazak, Okuma, Fadal, and Partner (Milltronics) controls. Guy Hughes of Controlink Systems made it possible for us to send and receive Mazatrol formatted conversational files directly over the serial port. Now all of our CNC files are safely stored on the shop computer and we don't need the little Mazak blue toaster anymore!

— Mike Hamonds
M-Tech Machine Products, Harrison, OH

This is the first software that I ever bought that worked first time out with no problems. Five minutes after install, we were sending and saving programs - it solved all the problems we had with our old DNC package.

— Mark Ruberg
Jay Tool Manufacturing and Design, Miamitown, OH

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