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Customer Comments

"I would like to thank you for all the help on getting the Machine Link™ to work on our CNC's. I have been in business for 37 years and thought dedication and loyalty was lost. You have proven me wrong. I have bought software for $7,000 and did not get the dedication I received from you. What was even more amazing, it was the machine parameters that were the problem and not the software, and knowing this, you constantly tried to get information from the manufacturer of the control and helped me until I got it to work. Again, I would like to thank you for the Machine Link™ program, which works great and at a great price."

— Richard DiFederico Sr.

Hale Screw Machine Inc., Oakville, CT

"Machine Link™ is easy to use, was easy to setup, and worked the first time with no problems and I don't even know how to operate Windows. It is far superior to any other communication software I have ever tried. I love it!"

— Ken Havard

Kajohn Oil Tools, Houston, TX

"This is the first software that I ever bought that worked first time out with no problems. Five minutes after install, we were sending and saving programs - it solved all the problems we had with our old DNC package."

— Mark Ruberg

Jay Tool Manufacturing and Design, Miamitown, OH

"I purchased your software Machine Link™ to use in our business. The goal was to get our Amada 245 Turret Punching Press to communicate with a PC in order to transfer and store program files. We bought the machine used and had never established communications with it. And, we had very little documentation showing how to proceed. The support you gave us in order to get the system to work was unmatched. Never before have we seen such dedication to solving a customer's problem, and there were many. We are very grateful for the service and effort put forth by you and your company."

— Robert Warner

Sharn Enterprises, Inc., Mokena, IL

"Machine Link™ was easy to setup and we were able to quickly back-up all of our CNC program files from 46 different machine tools. We also, within minutes, established successful communications to a machine we had never spoken with before. It works great!"

— Richard Recker

Busche Enterprises, Albion, IN

"Machine Link™ is great! It's reliable and very easy to use. We manufacture high precision molds and use Machine Link™ to download very large files. We have never had a problem with it."

— Chris Wiesmann

F.N. Sheppard and Co., Erlanger, KY

"We are a small machine shop with 30+ CNC machine tools that have 10 different control types. It had become quite an ordeal with 40 machine operators, some with little or no computer skills, just getting the right program to the right machine. Machine Link™ was just what we needed - a communication program that was affordable, yet user friendly, and robust enough to communicate with all the different machine tool types."

— Scott Cooper

Snavely's Machine, Wabash, IN

"Machine Link™ is a time saver. It has changed my programming from sometimes taking a whole day to about 10 minutes. Instead of editing at the control, I now can quickly combine or modify existing programs to create new ones and then send them right back. Machine Link™ just makes programming quicker."

— Doug Davidson

Willard Industries, Cincinnati, OH

"Machine Link™ really works well. We use its 'Search and Replace' capabilities virtually everyday. We can download a program from the control, make some quick changes, then send it right back."

— Royce Burton

Royce Co., Lebanon, OH

"Our daily activities in the Machine Shop have definitely become more manageable since installing Machine Link™. Machine Link™ has helped us to improve accuracy of records along with increased machine utilization. The bottom line is to say that we have overcome some big, big obstacles in our day to day shop operation. Machine uptime is better, along with the improvements in controlling the process. Thanks again for your interest and support in this project."

— Steve Lisano

Combi Packaging Systems LLC, Canton, OH

"We use Machine Link™ everyday to send and receive files from our Mazak, Okuma, Fadal, and Partner (Milltronics) controls. Guy Hughes of Controlink Systems made it possible for us to send and receive Mazatrol formatted conversational files directly over the serial port. Now all of our CNC files are safely stored on the shop computer and we don't need the little Mazak blue toaster anymore!"

— Mike Hamonds

M-Tech Machine Products, Harrison, OH

"Machine Link has significantly improved our productivity. We are now spending seconds doing what took us about thirty minutes before, since we had to manually enter each program. Plus, Machine Link is so easy to use that anybody in the shop can use it with minimal training."

— Greg Scheldberg

Sharn Enterprises, Inc., Mokena, IL

"Our group is responsible for five different types of numerically controlled grinding machines that are used in machining research. Although programs can be directly entered and edited at the controller consoles, it is much easier to create, edit, and store programs on a PC and then upload them to the controllers as needed. Before we had Machine Link™, we had to deal with five different communications programs, each of which was very temperamental. Machine Link™ gives us a consistent communications interface with each of our controllers and is very easy to use. It has saved us countless hours of frustration."

— Sam McSpadden

ORNL, Oak Ridge, TN

"All three CNC mills are now on the Machine Link™ system allowing us to retrieve to and from each machine. The computer that you helped us install is now linked to the office allowing files to be backed-up electronically. This will allow us to be more certain that no records will be lost due to bad floppy disks."

— John A. Crish

Combi Packaging Systems LLC, Canton, OH

"With the new system, the operator doesn't have to load any additional software or type in any numbers. For instance, one program is O5014342.PTP. An operator can easily make a mistake when he or she enters those characters. With Machine Link™ the number of steps in the process is decreased and the chance for error is reduced."

— Roscoe Chaney

Timken Co., Canton, OH

"Managing file names for our Partner mill (equipped with a Milltronic control) is no longer a problem. Previously file names were limited to 4 numerical numbers, whereas today we are able to save each job programmed using our current engineering print numbering system. This added feature has removed a nightmare. Before we would open the conversational file using the 4 digit number; often to find that the job we were retrieving was something different."

— Richard Hughes

Combi Packaging Systems LLC, Canton, OH

"Machine Link™ PLUS has yielded a definite cost savings. It is now much easier to plan jobs and it's a definite benefit for us being able to send to three or more machines at the same time. We have two shop computers each with a copy of Machine Link™ PLUS - one has direct connections to four vertical mills and other feeds six different CNC lathes. The operators in the shop really like using it."

— Richard Stevens

Tech Tool Inc., Tipp City, OH

"Thank you so much for your great support and Machine Link™ software. I had spent many frustrating hours trying to send files to my Bridgeport without success. I even paid a Bridgeport representative who was unable to make the link. You and your software made it happen quickly and effortlessly. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has experienced the same situation."

— Steve Clayton

Clayton Guitar Picks, (Steve Clayton, Inc.) Talent, OR

"I appreciated your willingness to help out with my issue, and please feel free to give any prospective clients my contact info as I am more than willing to let people know how well your product works and the fantastic service you provide."

— Matt Kaufmann

Precision Metalcraft, Inc., Winnipeg, MB

"I wish to let you know that we are absolutely thrilled with your Machine Link™ system! It has proven itself as an incredibly reliable, efficient, and cost effective system that's a snap to use. This, coupled with the outstanding customer service we received, made doing business with you an absolute pleasure. Thanks again, Controlink Systems!"

— Jim Crain

Jotco Inc., Cincinnati, OH

"Your DNC software worked absolutely great on my fanuc controlled lathe. I have to tell you if I had bought your software a month ago I would have saved 40+ hours screwing around with hyperterminal and NC lite. Thanks."

— Gene Newcomb

Custom Die and Manufacturing, Oklahoma City, OK

"We spent almost two months of trial and error trying to talk to our CNC milling machine and it was a pain. Then we found Machine Link™ and contacted their technical support. In about an hour and a half, they helped us successfully communicate with the machine. They answered all of our questions promptly and made it easy to understand. As a 15-year machinist, their program was easy to learn and use. Personally, Cutting Edge Machine would give Controlink Systems an A+!"

— Kyle and Tom Parrott

Cutting Edge Machine, Menominee, MI

"Great American Equipment has found an excellent CNC Communication Software and wanted to pass it along to our customers. We use it here on our machines and are very happy with the product."

— Kevin Murphy

Great American Equipment Company, Cincinnati, OH

The QUICK Serve DNC software continues to serve us well. With our original DNC software, operators would have to make several trips from their machine to the computer to send a program to their machine. To send a corrected program back from the machine to the system was such a hassle, that most of the time the corrected copy wouldn't get sent back and saved, causing the program to again be fixed when sent back out. The QUICK Serve DNC system has eliminated all those problems. From the machine, our operators now retrieve the CNC program and never has to leave the machine. To send back a corrected program, once again they do not have to leave the machine and all our programs sent back, are temporally saved into an Engineering folder so our CNC Engineer can review the changes to be sure they are correct before moving them into our CNC program library. Installation couldn't have been easier. You walked me through everything, including recommending hardware that fit my particular needs. When I had an issue with the Mexico installation you worked with me over the phone until we determined the issue wasn't the software but was the computer, which ended up having to go back to the manufacturer for repair. If I could change anything I wanted on how the QUICK Serve DNC system works, I would not be able to come up with any changes. Thanks for providing this product which has made my job so much easier over the years.

— Steve Araujo

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