Engineering Services

Controlink Systems LLC
Combining machining expertise with Process Monitoring, Control, and DNC Software Solutions!

Controlink Systems LLC is a products-based engineering service company with a focus on machining, shop-floor automation, vibration analysis, and product testing. We have been a proud member of the NI Partner Network since 2000, and have been providing NI software and hardware solutions since 1998.

We specialize in linking systems together ‐ building Controlinks ‐ and routinely interface with SQL Databases, PLC hardware, single & multi-axis motion controllers and all types of industrial equipment covering a range of communication protocols (CAN, UDS, Modbus, Serial, Profinet, EtherCAT, and more.).

We strive to develop understandable, user-friendly HMI interfaces that reduce training costs and improve productivity. Many of the solutions we provide run continuously in various shop environments supporting critical manufacturing and test systems.

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Our range of expertise includes:

  • DNC software and hardware solutions
  • Monitor and control machining processes
  • Sensor selection, design, integration, and calibration
  • Non-contact gauging systems for part identification and measurement
  • Engineering projects to develop customized software interfaces and modules
  • Relational database development for data management
  • Signal conditioning and complex signal analysis
  • Data acquisition computers and hardware
  • Industrial control strategies
  • Multi-Axis motion control

Autoclave system engineered and controlled by Controlink Systems LLC
EOL test system designed by Cincinnati Test Systems and controlled by Controlink Systems LLC