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Getting started with Machine Link™ PLUS

Installing Machine Link™ PLUS

  • Run the downloaded Machine Link™ PLUS installer ‐ it will quickly install on all versions of Windows from Windows XP up
    Have an older version of Windows? We have an installer for that! Contact us for details.

Note: Until registered, Machine Link™ PLUS needs to run with Administrative Privileges

Configuring your first CNC Machine

  1. Run Machine Link™ PLUS
  2. Click [SETUP CONTROL] and then [ADD CONTROL]
  3. Enter the name of your machine and click [SAVE]
  4. Enter configuration information for the machine (COM port, baud rate, data bits, stop bits, parity, etc.)
    If you are unsure of the machine settings, start with the default value(s)
  5. Click [SAVE] and then [EXIT]

Pro Tip: Machine Link™ PLUS has built-in help - turn it on by clicking [Help], [Show Context Help] from the top menu bar.

Receiving from your first CNC Machine

Important: It is recommended to successfully receive a file from the CNC machine tool before attempting to send a file to the CNC machine. Receiving a file will validate that the CNC machine's COM port and the computer's COM port are both operational and that the cable is, for the most part, configured correctly.

  1. Select the machine tool name you entered from the [Configured Machine Controls] list
  2. Click [RECEIVE] and then punch/output the file from the machine tool control.
    Machine Link™ PLUS will continue to wait until activity is seen on the COM port. When data is seen, Machine Link™ PLUS will begin to flash, indicating that data is being received


  1. If Machine Link™ PLUS does not flash, insert a null modem adaptor and resend the file
    If Machine Link™ PLUS still does not flash, perform a COM Port/Cable Test
  2. If Machine Link™ PLUS flashes, but the file is garbled, adjust the communication parameters

Still having problems? Give us a call at (800) 838-3479. We are here and happy to help!

Sending to your first CNC Machine

  1. Once you have successfully received a file with Machine Link™ PLUS, prepare the CNC machine tool control to receive a file
  2. Click [SEND] ‐ the contents of the Machine Link™ PLUS editor will be transferred to the CNC machine