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Steps to download, install, and run Machine Link™ Binary
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Download a free, fully functional trial that will install on any Windows based PC. This is not a demo but it is the actual software that can be used free for 45 days. You can register online or contact us for your registration code.

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If you need help with setup details, check out our Video Training Page for helpful hints. Remember, you can also phone us directly at (800) 838-3479.

Installation Instructions:

  • Download and run the installer
  • Machine Link™ Binary will quickly install on any Windows based computer (Win9x, Me, XP, 2000, NT 4.0, Vista or higher) under [START] [Programs] [Controlink Systems] [Machine Link (TM) Binary]

Getting started with your first CNC Machine:

  • Run Machine Link™ Binary
  • Click [SETUP CONTROL] and then [ADD CONTROL]
  • Enter the name of your machine and click [SAVE]
  • Enter configuration information for the machine - populate the fields (com port, baud rate, data bits, stop bits, parity, etc.) as best as you can and if you are not sure just use the default value(s)
  • Click [SAVE] and then [EXIT] to return to the main screen
  • Select the machine tool name you entered from the [Configured Machine Controls] list
  • Click [RECEIVE] and then punch the file out of the machine tool control.

NOTE: It is very important to first successfully receive a file from the CNC machine tool before attempting to send from the computer to the CNC machine. Machine Link™ Binary will continue to wait until activity is seen on the port. When data is seen, Machine Link™ Binary will begin to flash indicating that data is flowing. This also indicates that both ports, the machine's port and the computer's port are operational and that the cable is, for the most part, configured correctly.

If Machine Link™ Binary does not flash, insert a null modem adaptor and resend the file. If it still does not flash, call us at (800) 838-3479 for some help.

If Machine Link™ Binary flashes, but the file is garbled, then the communication parameters need to be adjusted. If you need help with this call (800) 838-3479 - we have set up information on hand for many controls.

  • Once you can successfully receive a file, prepare the machine tool to receive a file and then click [SEND]. The contents of the Machine Link™ Binary editor will be transferred to the machine tool.
  • Please note: Machine Link™ Binary has built in help - to turn it on click [Help], [Show Context Help] from the top menu bar. With help turned on, detailed information will be displayed for whatever you point at with the cursor.

How to Register

After installing the software, it is fully functional and ready for immediate use. To register, you will need to enter the correct registration code.

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For help with registration, contact Controlink Systems LLC at (800) 838-3479.


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