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Quick Description:
Our Machine Link™ Quick Serve continuously monitors each serial port for file requests, then quickly serves the CNC file directly back to the machine tool control. The machine operator never has to leave the machine or manually interact with the PC since the request is initiated directly from the machine tool control at the shop floor level using simple commands (token or keywords) embedded in the CNC program files. The software is easy to configure and will communicate with every CNC machine in your shop that supports standard RS-232 serial communications. It supports all standard character sets (ASCII, ISO, and EIA) and will also drip feed most CNC machines. The software runs on Windows XP on up (including Vista) and can be configured for an unlimited number of machines.

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Machine Link™ Quick Serve runs continuously on a dedicated PC and can serve 32 simultaneous DNC sessions (even more simultaneous sessions are available by request). However, it can monitor many more machines as long as there is a dedicated COM port for the machine tool. This means no waiting – each request will be received and processed immediately. There are many hardware options, including wireless communication ports.

In many installations Machine Link™ Quick Serve is setup to start as soon as the computer starts, because of this, a startup delay can be configured to ensure that the network hardware is properly configured and ready before Quick Serve starts monitoring the ports for activity. To better understand the product, check out our Video Training Page for helpful setup hints and a demonstration.

Startup Delay

Machine Link™ Quick Serve is very visually oriented. The animated scan lights flash (changing red to green) after each successful pass through the Active Scan Table. All significant information including the communication parameters and session status is located directly on the front panel. The number of Requests, files Sent OK, and the number of current jobs being sent (Sending) are displayed since the program was started. These values can be reset to zero by selecting Edit from the menu bar and then choosing Reset Counters.

Sanning for Requests

Machine Link™ Quick Serve can be quickly configured for every CNC machine tool in the shop. From the main screen click [Configure] to activate the Configuration Table. Individual rows within the Communication Table can be easily duplicated, changed, and/or deleted using Edit in the menu bar. Once configured, machine tools can be easily added or removed from the Active Scan Table by setting the ACTIVE status to “Yes” or “No”. Machine Link™ Quick Serve can also append special formatting characters to the front or end of a CNC program using the CNC FILE FORMAT option.

Note: Scanning is Paused during configuration changes. It can also be paused from the main screen by selecting Operate, Pause Scanning from the menu bar.

Machine Link™ Quick Serve uses keywords or tokens that are inserted into the CNC programs to determine the intent of the machine operator. To receive a file, the AUTO Send token must be found in the CNC file. The token can be anything but we typically use SENDME. The file (O0001) is typically used at each CNC machine to make file requests. The file already contains the token and the operator simply modifies the file name. Here is an example:


When the file is punched out of the control and received by Quick Serve, the token is first identified and then the desired file name is extracted by getting the characters between Trigger START and Trigger END. In the above example, the desired file name is 5290 located between the parenthesis. A file extension can automatically be added ".TXT" for example, to minimize operator keystrokes at the control. Once the request is identified, it is then served back to the machine tool after waiting a specified number of seconds. In the meantime, the operator has prepared the machine tool to receive the requested file.

Auto SEND Tab

To save CNC file changes that are made at the control, simply use a token such as SAVEAS embedded into the CNC program file. An example file is shown below:

N5 (SAVEAS [4005.TXT])
#124=FIX[[#116-2*#120+#118]/[#104+#118]](HOLES IN X)
#125=FIX[[#117-2*#121+#119]/[#104+#119]](HOLES IN Y)
#126=#124*#125(TOTAL HOLES IN PLATE)

When the file is punched out of the control, Quick Serve will capture the file and realize that the only found token is SAVEAS (SENDME was not found) and the name is between the square brackets. The file will be stored with the desired name to the folder specifed for the CNC machine.

Auto SAVE Tab

The Special Options tab is used to cover the manner in which companies want to handle CNC file modifications. In many installations, machine operators only call files down to their CNC machine tools. However, if modifications are permitted at the controls, files sent back to Quick Serve will be saved and numbered keeping only the number of backups specified in the "No. of Files to Keep" parameter. Also, if AUTO Update is Yes, then if a file is modified and later called down again to the CNC machine, the last received file will be served back. However, if AUTO Update is No, then Quick Serve will send back the last file approved by Engineering.

Configuration details can be typed directly into the Machine Link™ Quick Serve setup cells (like a spread sheet program). However, a configuration utility can also be used to help guide you through the setup process.

Configuration Utility

CNC Program files can be manually sent to any CNC control in the Active Scan List. From the menu bar, select File, then choose Send to CNC. A screen similar to the one shown below will appear. You can select the machine you want from the list. Files will be shown from the folder associated with that machine. Prepare the CNC machine tool to receive a file, select the file, and then click [SEND]. The CNC file will be transferred.

Manual Send

CNC Program files can be manually received from any CNC control in the Active Scan List. This is very useful for capturing file requests that are not being recognized correctly during the initial setup stages. From the menu bar select File, then choose Receive from CNC. Select the desired machine and then click [RECEIVE]. Punch out the file or send the request you want to evaluate. The file will be received and displayed.

Manual Receive

Machine Link™ Quick Serve is loaded with helpful information about its features. From the tool bar select [Help], and then [Show Help] (or press CTRL+H) to activate a useful help window. When this feature is active, Quick Serve will display a descriptive help message whenever the cursor is moved over a control. As an example, the below help message was displayed when hovering over the Auto Send Table.

Built-In Help Message

Machine Link™ Quick Serve documents all transactions in the scan log which can be easily reviewed, cleared, and/or printed. The Scan Log contains useful information (date/time, transaction type, file name, and notes) about each CNC transaction. The log is continuously updated and very useful during the initial setup stages.

Scan Log

Registering your software is quick and easy and does NOT require an Internet connection. However, you will need your Software Code (an example code is shown below). Once you have your Software Code, either phone us at (800) 838-3479 or use our online Automated Registration Service. For online orders, copy the Software Code and paste it into the order form when prompted. A Registration Code and your order details will be emailed to you immediately following credit card processing. Once you have your Registration Code, enter it and click [Register Now]. The entire process takes only a few minutes.

Registration is Quick and Easy!

Machine Link™ Quick Serve automates the process of sending and receiving CNC programs.

Thank you for choosing Machine Link™ Quick Serve!

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